2/22/2021 -Sold out-

Ice Storm caused some problems, but things are back on track and a new batch of clones will be coming in a week or two!

Nightmare Cookie Cat
Pest and Mildew free
Well Rooted. Grown in organic potting soil
Sprayed weekly with Nuke em and Regalia
4 clone or 2 Teen minimum order
Must be 21+ / Rec / OMMP
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Regular Clones

each (4 minimum)

($10 each for 4-11 plants)
($9 each for 12-19 plants)
($8 each for 20-29 plants)
($7 each for 30+ plants)

  • Rooted in Oasis Foam cubes or Rockwool
  • Vegged for~3 weeks after showing roots
  • Single top
  • 4" - 12" Tall
  • In extra deep 5" nursery pot
Platinum Garlic

Platinum Garlic

Mother grown from: InHouse Genetics Seed

GMO x Platinum

8-9 week flower time, average yields

Very high THC: 30+%

This GMO cross is a gassy heavy hitter! Grows tall with lots of sugar coated nugs. Nice Clones will be running 3 phenos of this strain, all of them great, with a couple of them showing more purple flair in the end.

Pheno 1 - Tall with some purple

Pheno 2 - Tall with not much purple  (pictured)

Pheno 3 - Medium height with some purple

Crescendo RBx

Crescedo RBxv2

Mother from: Ethos Genetics Seed

Chemdog x I95  x Mandarin Cookies

High THC: 25%+

Wowsa, This is a wonderful orangey-skunky strain. High THC and great yields to top it off. Nothing average about this head turner. Grows medium short and stacked!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Mother from: locally sourced clone

Triangle Kush x Animal Cookies

9 week flower time

Super High THC: 26-28%

2019 Leafly strain of the year. A great strain that checks all the boxes: high THC, great smell, super yields. This is an exceptional phenotype of wedding cake. It grows tall with long internodal spacing.

Black Cookies

Black Cookies

Mother from: Jordan of the Islands seed

Girl Scout Cookies x Blackberry Kush

8-9 week flower time

Very High THC: 26-28%

Compact, mostly purple buds on a medium tall plant structure. Very high THC and nice sweet smell. Great strain for the purple lowers!



Mother from: locally sourced clone

Granddaddy Purple x Bay Platinum Cookies

8-9 week flower time

High THC: 25%

 Dark and dense nugs with a wonderful sweet and peppery smell. High THC and above average yields makes this a strain a top notch choice for any garden.

Sunshine 4

Sunshine #4

Mother grown from: Bodhi Seeds

8-10 week flower time, highest yielding strain in the catalog

50/50 Indica/Sativa

Very high THC: 25+%

From the master breeder Bodhi comes this multiple cup winning Chemdawg 4 - Sunshine Daydream hybrid. Very high potency and super heavy yields. Large bud structure makes for easy trimming and great bag appeal. Yields typically 50%-100% greater than other strains of similar high potency. A real winner for indoor growers.



Mother from: Niceclones house strain

Sunshine 4 x Cookies n Chem

9-10 week flower time

High THC: 25%

The Beach line combines the stout and massive buds of the sunshine4 with the super high potency and overwhelming chemical nose of Cookies n chem. The results are absolutely astounding.

Jelly Breath

Jelly Breath

Mother grown from:  Locally sourced clone

Mendo Breath x Dos-si-Dos


8 week flower time

Very High THC: 25%+

Super dense and crystally buds and strong fruity-cookies smell. Decent yields and a fast flowering time make this a super strain for any grower.

Cookies n Chem Pheno 1

Cookies n Chem

Mother grown from:  Greenpoint Seeds

Cookies n Cream x Stardawg

8-9 week flower time

Super High THC: 30%

This super potent cross from Greenpoint seeds grows smallish, tight buds that are covered in trichomes, making the buds look like they are encased in sand. Medium-heavy yields make this a good choice for any grower.



Mother from: locally sourced clone

Clementine x Purple Punch

8-9 week flower time

High THC: 25%

Beautiful and dense flowers on a medium height frame. High THC and a citrus, astringent nose, plus above average yields. A new star in the sky that will certainly please any grower.

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass

Mother grown from: CBD Crew Seeds

Critical Mass x Cannatonic

CBD:THC ratio of 1.5 : 1 (outdoor mother tested at 8.5% CBD, 5.5% THC)

8-9 week flower time, very heavy yields

A powerful terpene profile makes this a very fragrant medical strain. A rich honey sweetness with deep and strong complex aromas. Yields are heavy and branches may require staking due to weight. Large and dense buds.